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Make your own contribution to conserve the environment by bringing home a Green PC and save money and energy!

With the entire world talking about going green, even you can chip-in your bit for the environment and save money and energy. Generally, PCs and other IT equipment consume a lot of electricity and have high carbon emission levels.

Saving the environment and cutting down on energy consumption has become the need of the hour. With the help of Green PCs, it has now become easier to be environmentally aware without compromising on technological advancements.

A Green PC is assembled with environment friendly components. It comes with a number of options such as the option to dim the monitor when it hasn’t been in use for some time, the components like CPU, monitor, etc. don’t give off high degree of radiation, the components are recyclable, etc.

Before making the switch to Green PCs, it is important to keep a few things in mind. These include

  • What is a Green PC and how does it work?
  • What are the things I should look for when buying a PC to save the environment?
  • How can I save power with my PC?

A Green PC is a computer that has low power consumption and is environment friendly. It supports sleep modes in which the computer cuts down the power of unnecessary components when it is inactive.

Configuring and assembling a Green PC is an easy task. Many computer components are easy on the environment, save energy and thus, help you cut costs.


Processor manufactures have come out with new products that consume less power than the earlier manufactured processors and are better or equal in performance. However, before going in for a green processor, you need to be sure of your requirements and the kind of performance you want your desktop to deliver. For example, Atom processor consumes lesser energy than Pentium 4-based PC while its performance is similar, sufficient for running basic productivity applications and Windows XP operating system.


The new and advanced technologies used in motherboards, manufactured nowadays, help reduce power consumption by up to 68%. The Green Power Saving technology in motherboards reduces power consumption in ‘standby’ mode. Some motherboards even deliver power savings by operating with high efficiency.


LCD monitors are not just slim and stylish; they are designed in a way to help save energy. They run on almost one-third of the power that the bulky CRT monitors use. They also emit far less low-frequency radiations that are harmful, not only to the eyes, but also for the environment.

Hard Drives

Energy-efficient storage solutions for the desktop PCs are now available in the market. These hard drives come with advanced power management systems that make them consume less power when they are idle and come with improved designs for power management. Even external hard drives come with power efficiency systems.

Depending on your requirements, check whether the PC components you plan to buy are energy efficient.  Make sure that the components are Energy Star marked. For a system to have an Energy Star badge, the system needs to meet the guidelines laid down by the EPA (Environment Protection Agency).

If you are already using a PC, you can still save energy and contribute to environment conservation by following some simple steps:

  • Turn off the PC
    Monitors in sleep mode consume less energy than full power mode but there is still wastage of energy in sleep mode if you aren’t using it. Don’t let the devices go off to sleep when not in use. Turn it off.
  • Create a power saving plan
    All Windows operating systems have the power saving plans in the Control Panel called “Power Saving Option.” Look through different options and settings. This helps you find the right balance between performance and power consumption.
  • Use Lead-free Hard Drives
    If you are going in for external hard drives, go in for the green hard drives. They use less energy and perform just as well.

    Now you can also save energy and money and preserve environment by opting for Green PCs.
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