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iYogi Personal Network Assistant – Share, communicate, secure & manage.

Setting up a home network allows the computers in your home to communicate with one another. With the help of a home network, you can share files and folders, use network printers to print documents from any computer in the network, and share hand-held devices like phones, digital cameras, etc.

Home networking gives you the option to get things done much faster by utilizing connections available between computers in your network and creates the possibility of using new applications like multi-player online games, etc.

iYogi’s Personal Network Assistant (iPNA), installed via Support Dock, is a small, easy-to-use software that helps the users to manage their home network. Viewing and verifying the status of all devices connected to it, iPNA provides simple-to-use graphical displays for each component. It also performs a number of common tasks, like share files, folders, printers, etc.

How to launch iPNA?

iPNA will be installed via iYogi Support Dock and will be available as an icon with the label ‘Network Assistant’. It can also be launched from the Start menu. The icon will also be displayed in the System Tray. To launch iPNA:

  • Right click the iPNA icon and click ‘View iPNA’

The iPNA will scan all the network and connected devices in the same network.

Features and Benefits

iPNA will check, secure, and manage all the devices in your home network. The features of this tool include:

1.Complete network-related information: iPNA automatically starts after the installation and exists in the system tray. It will provide you complete network-related information like Internet speed, Internet Status, total number of devices connected to the network, recent Alerts, and when was the last network scanned.

2.Manage devices on your Network: It keeps a track of all the devices connected to your network by giving you a little information about each device. By left-clicking any connected device, iPNA displays its IP address, MAC address, host, device type, as well as operating system with its service pack.

3.Improved Alerts:iPNA will add/remove the program icons, display alerts about Internet connection status, device up/down status, and discovery of new devices. It also displays the time and duration of connected/disconnected device and displays all the devices and their status in a tabular form.

iYogi’s Personal Network Assistant takes care of your home network with the following features

  • Printer sharing, file sharing and more
  • Displaying your network information
  • Discovering and managing files in your network
  • Getting solutions for network problems

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