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iYogi Complaint Form

Help iYogi serve you better by voicing your opinion on our services and products based on your actual consumer experience with us by filling up a complaints form. You can post your feedbacks and complaints on the form covering every aspect of service you have experienced with us.

iYogi believes in providing 24/7 services to all associated clients and customers. For the same, we have made a complaint submission form. By filling up the form you can share your experience with us; whether good or bad. We appreciate your comments and complaints; your feedback will help us in providing you with a better level of service. You can also post your suggestions that will facilitate us in upgrading our products. We look forward to receiving your genuine comments.

Alfred S
14 April, 2015

Iyogi complaint is a good way to share your feedback. On call, it is really awkward to say anything negative to the techs who have worked for 3 hrs to scan my PC. Though he did a great job, I would have been better if it was done in lesser time.

Tiffany Ghent
21 Mar, 2013

Hey I accidentally landed on this page while stumbling through webpages for online tech services. And after reading the reviews and comments that have been posted by the users, I think iYogi is a great company and will help me with my computer errors as well. The positive comments have uplifted my interest in you guys. Hope I get the best services out there… if you did, you will win a customer for a life time.

Sam J.
15 Feb, 2013

Not many customers are worried about their customers and are indulged in their money-making business. I used to think the same for all third-party tech support companies also, including iyogi. But by launching iYogi complaints form, you have changed my view about iYogi… Not many companies take such initiatives that involve risk to their established reputation and hearing criticism from customers on open platform. Good job iYogi!

Karla Castillo
1 Feb, 2013

Never thought that some tech support company will be so concerned for its customers… I took the help of iYogi complaints form to raise a refund. The technician was not fully able to resolve the issue and took so long that I finally hung up the call. Through this complaint form I again got connected to a new technician who not only resolved the issue but also cleared all my doubts and changed my opinion about the company… well done!

Brian Wright
23 Jan, 2013

Thank you for coming up with this stupendous endeavor to hear us. This must be an easier option to narrate our problems or get our doubts cleared. However, I have not faced any such critical problem or hurdles from your technicians. Though a few months back, I had a little hard time in connecting via phone from my home and connecting to a technician, otherwise I had no such issue.

Glory Waddick
21 Jan, 2013

iYogi really thinks about its customers. My complaint was heard within 3 days and the issue was resolved quickly. They re-connected with me to understand the flaws and reassigned another technician to fix the issue. I found iYogi complaints form a good platform to get myself heard. Good job iYogi!

Willie Wright, Fort Worth
11 Jan, 2013

Earlier I used to running to local computer repair stores as I was hesitant to taking services from people I never come across in person. But when my friend Jack assured that it is safe to sign up with iYogi and that iYogi actually values their customer feedback, I used a single-incident plan. And I am ready to take up your annual plan. Whoa!

Harri Pinta
26 Dec, 2012

It’s a great platform to register your complaints. Instead of heading to different complaint forums, iYogi complaint form is a direct way to approach the company itself and get a quick solution to your problem. With my personal experience, iYogi complaints form works best and my issues were resolved in the shortest possible time and I got full refund with additional benefits…

Justin Case
21 Dec, 2012

Quick and efficient way to get your complaints resolved. I filled up iYogi complaint form last week as my printer was not satisfactorily resolved. To my surprise, I got a call in 2 days. The technician reworked on my problem and fixed the issues completely…

Bryce Elkin
18 Dec, 2012

A great way to get your voice heard! iYogi complaints form helped me register my complain and get timely resolution. I am very happy with the way my complaint was heard and answered… Now I have no qualms…

Eddie Trunk
13 Dec, 2012

Great way of getting your voice heard. I got my issues sorted within 2 days. Seems like iYogi is on a path of recovery, turning all foes back to friends. The lady I spoke to was very polite and cooperative. Not only did she apologize for the inconvenience I had, she promised me that the technician who messed up my issue is sued so that he does not cheat anyone else again. She even gave me 3 support sessions for free to gain my trust once again… Hope you keep up your promise iYogi…

James Kelly
11 Dec, 2012

Earlier I thought iyogi subscription plans are nothing but sheer waste of money, as I was not satisfied with their services. And I made sure to escalate my experience. I came across iyogi complaint form and posted my feedback. But to my surprise, the iyogi instantly approached me to look into the matter and cover the loop hole.

Maria Coffaro
7 Dec, 2012

While using the iYogi Complaints form for the first time, i was a bit apprehensive as these guys might use my details to commercial purpose and i might start receiving unwanted mails and phone calls. However, i took the risk and took the path of iyogi complaints form to register my complaint. My problem was answered within a couple of days. And you wont believe, it has been a month or so i have not received any unwanted calls or e-mails from anybody. This proves that how serious iyogi is with this channel of improving its relations with its customers.

Camille Hall
3 Dec, 2012

It is a proven fact that customers will repeatedly do business with companies that provide exceptional customer service. The Complaints Form intiative taken by iyogi is very appreciative. It means the company gives importance to their customers and value their feedback and considers the complaints as an advice to improve their services in a more better way.

Olivia Metzgar
26 Nov, 2012

Got my router issues fixed through iYogi complaints form. My call got disconnected in the middle due to some network problem and even after trying for a long time, I was unable to connect back to the technician. I raised this issue through their complaint form and received a call from iYogi the very next day. The technician worked on my PC and fixed all the errors…

Matthew Bell
16 Nov, 2012

iYogi complaints form came to my rescue when their technician messed up my issue, instead of solving it. Since I was completely annoyed by the kind of service I received, I raised a complaint through iYogi complaints form. My complaint was soon answered and a new technician now worked on my PC and fixed up the issue. also, the supervisor apologized and made up for the mistake by installing free antivirus software on my PC. I was happy to see his concern for his customers.

Jason Green
9 Nov, 2012

iYogi Complaints form great! I was doubtful that they might be using this form to collect details, gather visitors to their site and use comments as to showcase their market reputation. So in order to spill out the truth, once I posted when I was facing connectivity failure with my iPad and I posted it on the iYogi Complaint form. And later one iYogi guy solved my problem.

Dave Sund
6 Nov, 2012

Mike, you can take the help of iYogi complaints form. These forms address not just regular user complaints, they are also great for voicing out your opinions and suggestions. Moreover, these complaint forms are taken on daily basis so the chances of getting your suggestions heard automatically increases. I also use them to send out my suggestions and opinions to iYogi. All the best!

Mike Rohrssen
23 Oct, 2012

Hi, I just want to know that if I have any feedback or suggestion to help you iyogi guys improve your tech support services, how will I be contacted by you guys - through phone or e-mail. Kindly let me know as I usually don’t pick up my phone if the caller is not in my phone's contact list.

Sally Wright, Jacksonville
18 Oct, 2012

iYogi Complaints is a brave and honest step toward ensuring their quality of service, along with money back guarantee! And the best part is that they got back to my complaints that I put across on the iYogi Complaint form. On top of that, later they resolved my router problems as they promised! Kudos to iYogi and its complaint form.

Ariel B.
15 Oct, 2012

I called iyogi to repair my laptop. But the technician was not able to resolve all the issues. They charged me for single incident plan, but I was still facing problems while using my laptop. I raised a complaint through iYogi Complaints form. Soon I received a call from his supervisor, who himself worked on my computer and fixed all the issues… I am happy as I was saved from shelling out extra money for something I had paid already.

Joey Abro
11 Oct, 2012

Bravo!!! iYogi complaints form work really fast… I filled a complaint as the tech was not able to fix my problem completely… Got my issue resolved in two days… Cheers to iYogi…

Dan Wheeler, Riverside
26 April, 2012

I have been using iyogi for the last seven months or so, with the journey mostly smooth, but there are times when I think it could have been better. For one, even though every time I have a complaint the customer care guys are there for me, I have a problem with their accent. As I am not very familiar with the type of accent they use, I get frequently confused at what they are saying. And it is quite a dilemma, considering that I have to sit in front of the system and respond to their instruction when there is a remote session on. Would be really happy if iYogi does something to get it right, as otherwise they are a fine team of professionals. I have my fingers crossed about whether the iyogi complaints form can change the status quo.

Ian Miguel
21 june, 2011

iyogi complaints : QUICKBOOKS
I am an IYOGI customer with 3 yr contract my account ID is 567783****

To begin with I am a happy IYOGI customer, happy to have IYOGI as my support. But a recent call to IYOGI left me quizzed. I need to know when I signed contract I was assured support for all short of software related problems.

When I called IYOGI for support on QUICKBOOKS they said they can't help me. Mine issue is very simple I just need some information on why my QUICKBOOK is saving files in different location. That's it. The tech simply denied saying it’s a black list issue. I don't know a thing about black list. I am complaining at IYOGI complaints section Iyogi support team, PLEASE Help me with my problem. I need to retract some old files and I can't find the location.

Robin S, NewYork
21 june, 2011

iyogi complaints : printer problem

We ended our call exchanged greetings. Technician made me so, happy. He fixed almost all my problems and my computer is working faster better. But when my printer started printing stupid stuff, I tried reaching the same tech as he knew more about my computer. I don't know why I was denied. I requested other tech to arrange call back from the previous tech. He declined... without thinking twice.

I am not at all happy... The other technician was rude and I am more comfortable with previous tech. can we get this going, I badly need my printer printing, I am few days behind schedule. Kindly arrange a call back from the same tech.

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