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Reviews of iYogi® Global Technical Services

Headquartered in India, iYogi is the provider of on-demand remote tech support services brand. The firm has hundreds of thousands of consumers and small business customers across four countries. It is staffed by thousands of technical experts who provide the firm's Global Delivery Platform along with its proprietary technology and protected intellectual property rights. Here are some reviews of the various global technical services offered by iYogi. Firmly anchored to its Indian roots, iYogi uses tech sophistication, expertise and professionalism to resolve user's problems related to computers, by delivering high value technical support at a great price. According to reviews, iYogi has one of the highest resolution rates in the support industry. iYogi has a network of global tech experts, which provide a new approach to solving problems and helping customers. iYogi has received great reviews for its high resolution rate. It is setting new standards for the remote support industry with a high customer satisfaction rating. The firm offers a range of tools that enhance its remote support services. Some of its products include iYogi Smart PC Scan, iYogi Support Dock, iYogi Green PC and iYogi PC Optimization.

iYogi has a Global Delivery Platform, called iMantra. It helps to resolve every kind of technical problem, and keeps a note of each customer's demographic information and stores it in a log. All of this information can be retrieved at a moment's notice and can be accessed on demand to deliver great technical support. In recognition to its achievements as among the 100 most innovative global private technology firms, iYogi was awarded the Red Herring 100 Award in December 2008. Read iYogi reviews further to get a better understanding of its services. Broadly speaking, iYogi services cover a vast array of tech support. These include technical support for computers, laptops, printers, security, Internet browsers, digital cameras, MP3 players, and support for e-mail issues, among others. The firm also provides support for virus and spyware removal, which ranks among the most comprehensive of its support policies. It goes without saying that antivirus support is essential for your PCs and laptops to shield them from malware and spyware that are found in abundance over the Internet, looking to infect vulnerable PCs. Viruses may attack your PC any time and can destroy applications, system files, folders, and other important data. iYogi can provide robust antivirus support to home users and business set-ups to protect their systems from virus, malware, spyware and other malicious code attacks. iYogi tech support also includes configuring a firewall to shield and protect PCs or laptops from virus attacks. Besides, it also offers support for Internet networking, data backup, optimizing the system, and instant help and repair for various other issues that might hinder the proper functioning of a user's PC system. The firm also offers services that cater to users of Windows 7, the best operating system Microsoft has ever produced.

Here are iYogi's services for Windows 7 systems:

  • Driver updates in Windows 7
  • Network settings on Windows 7
  • Backup and restore in Windows 7
  • How to speed up Windows 7 of late

iYogi has also instituted an online video service, à la YouTube.Staying true to its technical roots, the videos cover a range of topics spanning the entire gamut of the technical domain.

Here are some of the firm's most popular videos:

  • How to speed up your PC
  • How to remove adware from your computer
  • How to update virus definitions on your PC
  • Fixing problems related to Windows Vista
  • Removing temporary Internet files from your system

Updating antivirus software in your system

Updating antivirus software in your system Want to print an important file and having problems with your printer? Is it printing slowly, has it conked out or is it playing dead? The good news is that help is just a phone call away. iYogi offers a range of printer troubleshooting services, which cover issues such as printer installation, support for various printer errors, etc. You do not ever have to worry about those pesky printers again! For the small or medium-sized businessman or someone starting out on his own, iYogi is a one-stop shop for resolving all technical issues that threaten to mar your entrepreneurial ambitions! iYogi's support package for small business users is organized into various sectors, such as managed services, managed monitoring, etc. Let us have a brief look at these.

Managed Services:

iYogi's Managed Services enable you to place your resource-intensive IT operations under the management of experts so that you can optimize existing resources. This module provides continuous expertise and value through on-call assistance and remote support. The advantage for firms is of increased operational efficiency, lower costs, and reduced exposure to IT risk. Managed Security services utilize real-time threat monitoring, analysis, and remediation guidance to minimize the impact of security incidents on business operations and reduce overall IT risk.

Managed Monitoring Services:

Managed Monitoring Services: To maximize availability and performance of your business systems you must first have access to extensive details on the daily operation of your IT service infrastructure. iYogi can offer information and knowledge by monitoring, collecting and disseminating data on availability and performance from disparate sources and assets across your IT infrastructure from end to end. iYogi's monitoring tool uses advance technology like Unified Threat Management, Windows Management Instrumentation and Simple Network Monitoring Protocol, which monitors your network 24x7 using Microsoft API's to collect alerts and send it to the users over a secure channel. If you use iYogi's managed monitoring services, you can get the following benefits:

  • Maximized uptime
  • Proactive versus reactive
  • Increased accountability
  • Increased staff utilization
  • Improved network's performance
  • Increased responsiveness
  • Sound financial decisions

Increased security for consumers, iYogi offers services, such as Green PC and Support Dock. Green PC mode switches off the PC components when you are not using them. Nearly half of your PC power is used by your monitor and turning it off when you are downloading something or burning a DVD can save you a lot of power. Green PC service is iYogi's contribution to the environment initiative to help conserve energy. Green PC helps you operate your PC in a more environment-friendly manner so that you can save money, save environment, and get better PC performance.

Some other strengths iYogi has made tremendous strides since its founding. Its two founders have now made it one of the biggest technical support firms on the planet. It has featured in illustrious media such as CNN, The Wall Street Journal, Tech Crunch, Financial Times and The Washington Post. It offers technical support across Europe, North America and Australia. Its client base includes all sorts of consumers, from the small mid-west businessman to the Wall Street banker, who is playing the stock market for financial gains, to the retired teacher, perhaps still coming to grips with her new computer. As users have become more computer savvy, and as more and more users keep bridging the digital divide, the urge to communicate along the digital pathways becomes more intense. Since not all people can become writers, many have resorted to using blogs to express their feelings across a wide variety of topics, something that was not lost to the iYogi founders. The firm also maintains a blog where contributors comment and give reviews on various technical issues using an easy, colloquial style. Some of the more interesting topics that these blogs touch include 'How to include a vacation with Windows troubleshooting', 'Is your computer ready for 2011?', 'The ghosts of printers past', 'new computer, same old computer errors', 'Snip and paste with Windows 7', 'Tryst with Microsoft Office 2010', etc. The firm has borrowed its catchphrase 'Good Karma' from the Sanskrit word 'Karma', which denotes an action performed which causes the entire chain of cause and effect. As iYogi continues to march ahead, garnering universal accolades, it strives to adhere to the highest ideals on which it was founded by its owners. Satisfied with the support provided by iYogi technical services, this is what customers have to say in their iYogi customer reviews:

"Tech was professional & polite… This was absolutly money well spent! I will recomend Iyogi to any one that has any issues with their computer or laptop."

"Thanks to iYogi. My computer is up and running better than ever. Many thanks to iYogi technicians… With expert techs. like the one that corrected my problems. It's hard to improve on that type service. "

iYogi is committed to offering the best technical support. We would like you to share your suggestions and feedbacks based on your actual consumer experience with us. Find the 'iYogi Complaints Form' here which have been specially designed for our customers to post their views and opinions on iYogi products and services.

Abel Fritz
19 June, 2013

You have provided me great support since the time I got associated with your company. I own a small computer shop and I don’t have many operators to help me, however, your services helped me correct many technical issues with computers, laptops and various devices so easily and I could run my business without any trouble. Thanks iYogi.

Andre Morris
11 June, 2013

Hi! I used to have a small electronics shop and I used to fix the problem of not so complicated home gadgets, mobile phones and laptops. I wanted to expand my business but I was pretty confused whether I would be able to offer good services to my customers or not. But thanks to iYogi that I confidently expanded my business and learned to handle the most complicated gadget problem on my own. Thanks for such a great support iYogi.

28 May, 2013

I really appreciate the prompt and accurate support that you guys provided for my netbook. When my netbook displayed an error, I became completely clueless as how to go about it, but you guys made it look quite simple. With just one call on your online support number, my problem has handled. I would definitely recommend iYogi to all my friends. Thanks once more!

Marc Thomson
16 May, 2013

It’s been seven months since I am using iYogi remote services. I once encounter a technical fault in my computer and I was really confused and had no clue about the issue. I called iYogi and the help was at my door in an hour. The guy handled my PC very carefully and he even explained me the fault with the computer and suggested few tips to identify and fix some minor difficulties. I am completely happy with your service. Keep up the good work iYogi.

Marlin Ted
10 May, 2013

Think of any software and iYogi provides services for it. I may not have been saying this if I had not subscribed for the iYogi technical services six months ago. There I was, doing my college project and suddenly my laptop erupts, I went mad with terror as there was a really important project in my laptop. Luckily, my friend who is a subscriber of iYogi suggested me to call you people and I did exactly that. Not only did I submit my project on time but got good marks as well. Thanks to iYogi.

Stan Luther
2 May, 2013

After using iyogi remote services for almost 7 months, recently I too experienced their onsite service. My PC was not performing well, something was really weird. And I had no clue about it. The technician came on time and fixed the problem in front of my eyes. It was as convenient as the online support.

Annie Salinas
9Apr, 2013

Wow, I am really impressed with the way iyogi onsite engineer handled my issue. The timely manner in which their engineer came to help me is incredible. He was very punctual and right on time. He upgraded my hard drive and assisted me back up all my data... I recommend them completely!!!

Janby Pecache
3 Apr, 2013

Man, iYogi service has made my sluggish whoosh! The PC got attacked by some dangerous backdoor Trojan viruses and slowed it down as it was trying to access my computer to steal my data from the PC. iYogi detected the virus and helped me through riddance of it before the hacker would get hang of my personal data.

Brandon Sneed
12 Mar, 2013

Nothing could be more dangerous than a deadly virus infection that destroys all your important files and folders. When I got one such, iYogi team handled it super efficiently. To my surprise, they even restored some of the files that got deleted due to infection. Though it took a long time, but I knew my problem was not simple. Thank you for all your help!

Tom Head
5 Mar, 2013

I am a compulsive movie buff and uTorrent is my free ticket to the world of movies. The problem is that with movies, I get to download viruses and malware which often change the home page, install some unknown exe files and deter my computing activities with repetitive virus alert windows! Would iYogi provide me with some tips or support in riddance of these problems once and for all?

James Twizzy
15 Feb, 2013

I didn’t know that somebody was actually tracing my keyboard input from within my computer. Thank god that I got to save my bank account from being robbed. There was this keylogger malware was installed on my computer through an e-mail attachment. When I suspected some unusual activities on my computer, I called up iYogi to check the issue. The technician detected and removed it!

Ashley Haigh
1 Feb, 2013

I am really overwhelmed with the technical support services provided by iyogi. Their Support Dock feature is extraordinary. It does all, from enhancing the performance of my computer to protecting it from possible virus attacks. The experts are ever ready to help. Even at odd hours.

Dennis Jacobs
23 Jan, 2013

While I was downloading an attachment from my e-mail account, I was getting a virus alert message. I tried to scan the attachment, but couldn’t. I realized the antivirus on my computer is not working well. And then I called iyogi to fix the problem. They scanned my computer and troubleshoot the problem with my antivirus.

Nico Ramirez
21 Jan, 2013

Digitalization has made my life very convenient. Due to severe imparities, I’m not able to go out to enjoy with my friends, but my laptop helps me to stay connected all the time. I have subscribed to iyogi for digital assistance. Whenever I have problems, I call iyogi and they are able to remotely resolve all my issues. Thank you guys for being there when I need you the most!

Richard Davis
11 Jan, 2013

I contacted iYogi when my Facebook, Gmail and Yahoo account were hacked. I was too terrified that the security of my computer is compromised. I contacted iYogi to get rid of the virus and bolster the security of my PC. iYogi Reviews helped me with browser hijacking and secured my PC with remote support. Thanks iYogi.

Nicholas J.
2 Jan, 2013

I was not able to post my photographs on my Facebook page. Even after doing my bit of troubleshooting, nothing worked out and my problem persisted. On a friend’s advice, I called iYogi… The technician quickly ran various diagnostics to identify the error and fixed it in no time. I was taken back with his polite voice and friendly attitude.

Aaron Dawson
28 Dec, 2012

Viruses are hard to chase. I try installing the latest antivirus software but still don’t get sufficient coverage to keep all the viruses at bay. Last time I got a virus infection, it ate up all my data and essential documents. Thanks to iYogi tech support, the technician recovered most of my files and also re-installed a dedicated security software and gave me tips to update it on regular basis. Life is much easier now…

Jamie Sharples
26 Dec, 2012

It was the excellent and professional tech support services of iYogi that helped me in creating computer network at my office. They took care of all my business requirements, and created the network according my need and preferences. Whenever my staff faces any technical issue, iYogi technicians are always there to offer their expert tech support… I and my staff members have all praises for the support services of iyogi. Keep it up!

Marnie Ebbage
21 Dec, 2012

It's hardly been 30 days that I have been a customer of their online tech support services. In the last one month, i have contacted them twice or thrice to avail their services to get rid of some minor issues that i was facing with my second hand laptop. I must say that the iyogi guys are very professional in their services. Every time I dialled their toll-free number, they respond very quick – And they even walk you through some of your problems and explain in detail – i am very happy with their tech support services.

Frank Lenz
14 Dec, 2012

I’m so glad that I got in touch with iYogi through a friend. I’m a home maker doting mother of two and with my husband travelling for his business trips, I take care of the house single-handedly. I use my computer to get in touch with my friends through social media and emails. iYogi helps me enjoy unobstructed services by taking care of all my PC problems. Now every time I have a problem, it is resolved instantly, without any delay… Thank you iYogi… Good Karma.

Bud Montana
12 Dec, 2012

While reformatting my laptop on my own, I messed it up. Now even after reinstalling Windows, my computer was not booting and was showing some strange error messages. Realizing that the issue has gone over my head, I contacted iYogi. The technician was quick in understanding the problem. He reinstalled windows all over again and finished the job correctly. He made the entire process so smooth that I did not feel the pain of being over the phone for almost an hour… good job done!

7 Dec, 2012

This was my first time with iyogi. Before this, I was with other tech support company for two years. But I highly recommend iyogi over any other brand. The technicians are easy to reach and are always available. There was no lag time and my issues were fixed instantly. Though I had hard time understanding their accent, but that is quite manageable…. Thumbs up to iYogi!

Daniel Bennett
3 Dec, 2012

iYogi was recommended by a trusted colleague and I’m really glad that I contacted them two years back. I had some major issues with the wireless network. iYogi technician fixed all the bugs and also helped me setup a scanner. Since then, I’ve never looked back. iYogi has become my easy-to-reach resource.

Chase Boyce
28 Nov, 2012

I took iYogi’s assistance to restore my Windows 7 PC to default settings. My niece pressed some keys on my laptop because of which it crashed. Now I had to reinstall Windows on my PC. Though initially I did everything on my own, but I faced hiccups while installing drivers for associated software. That was when I called up iYogi. The technician quickly fixed the problem and restored my computer back to normal. Other than his accent, everything else was good…

Ally Reid
26 Nov, 2012

I used iYogi to solve my email issue. The technologically brilliant tech engineer promptly fixed my issue and saved me from incurring huge losses. I'm a PR consultant and cannot run my business without emails. I am incredibly impressed with his abilities. My experience with iYogi has been excellent. I highly recommend them!

Allie Diernbach
26 Nov, 2012

My Mac refused to start while my wife was trying to work on it. Since I was out of town, I could not reach her for help. Instead, I gave her a number of iYogi. I got it from my colleague, who had used them earlier and spoke high about them. the technicians helped my wife in solving the issue and gave her expert solutions for all other issues that she was facing… she is quite happy and so am I… Thank you iYogi!

21 Nov, 2012

The tech support guys at iYogi were like saviors of my personal and sensitive data. It all happened one day when my laptop started giving me virus alert messages. I was not even to locate some folders where i have saved my personal important files and images. Thank god, I dialled the toll-free number of iYogi at the right time and the tech guy on the other side helped me get rid of the virus and locating my data again.Hats off to the tech support services of iYogi team!

Allison K.
16 Nov, 2012

One day when I came back from office and started my windows 7 system, and clicked on the Chrome browser to search for some information. I was shocked to see that instead of Google search engine some strange looking search engine opened. I was puzzled how to get rid of it, i tried everything that i could, but could not. At last, i remembered that i have subscribed to the tech support services of iyogi. i immideatly called the toll-free number and the tech guy helped me within minutes in getting rid of that weird looking search engine. Thanks a ton to iyogi for this help.

Benita Mayo
15 Nov, 2012

iYogi has helped me greatly in establishing my small business. They have taken care of all my IT requirements, enabling me to concentrate on other aspects. Whenever my staff faces any technical issue, iYogi technicians are available for their help… the only issue that my staff faces while dealing with the technicians is in understanding their technical lingos, but that’s pretty much workable…

Karen Smith
9 Nov, 2012

It is my habit to first try anything that is related to technical repair at my own first. If the things go beyond my technical know-how then only i contact any technical expert. One day i bought a printer and connected it to my desktop on my own. However, after a few months when i purchased a laptop and tried to connect the printer in such a way that i can give print commands from both machines, i failed. One friend of mine told me about iYogi's technical support. To give it a try, I thought of accessing their single incident support plan. The tech support offered by the iyogi technicians was excellent and satisfied me. I am now thinking of availing their annual support plan so that whenever i come across such situation, i could contact them for help.

Estela Orozco
8 Nov, 2012

Awesome… is what i have to say about the tech support services of iyogi. My father who keeps in touch with his retired colleagues through e-mail and social media platform, has very less knowledge of computers… I subscribed to iyogi services so that he is not obstructed at any point in time when i am away from home for work. He has accessed iyogi techs many time and everytime his problems are resolved without any delay. Thanks iyogi...

George Lee
6 Nov, 2012

I agree with Trish. It’s been one year I am using iYogi tech support service ever since I ventured my small office home office setup. I heard about iYogi and their commitment for quality service, accountability and competence in complex tech issues that are most likely in small business setups from an old colleague. In addition to using their remote tech support, I have also opted for onsite tech support service.

Dorothy Martin
5 Nov, 2012

I recently decided to upgrade my Windows 7 system to Windows 8, however I read somewhere that before upgrade it is recommended to take the backup of your computer's system files and other personal data files. I was unaware how to do so. Therefore, I called up one of my friends. He suggested me to take the remote tech support of iyogi, and even gave me the toll free number. i dialled the number and within seconds i was connected to a technician. The guy helped me in taking backup of my computer on an external hard drive, and even promised me to help if in case i need support while restoring the system. Thanks iyogi.

Aaron Shinault
1 Nov, 2012

I was tired of storing files on pen drive and carrying them with me. I read about cloud based storage, but was not sure how is it exactly done. iYogi technician helped me take my data to the cloud. Now I can access it anytime, anywhere. My experience has been good, but in the end I felt the technician was forcing me to buy his products, which I didn’t like. Apart from that, I enjoyed my session…

Eddie Campbell
31 Oct, 2012

My problem was solved in minutes. I called up iYogi as my driver stopped functioning after I installed a critical update. Even after trying for two days, I was not able to understand the problem. I touched base with iYogi through their phone support. The technician, after checking my system, informed me that the update does not match with my driver’s configuration as my PC is having old drivers. He quickly uninstalled the update and fixed my problem. Thank you iYogi!

Adamina Kotek
30 Oct, 2012

Unexpected computer breakdown left me furious. But iYogi technician handles the problem well. He restored my computer back to life. He took some time, kept me on hold as well, but fixed the issue in the end. Tough I took their single incident plan this time, I think having their annual subscription is not a bad idea at all…

Flo Gehring
25 Oct, 2012

Like Daniel, iYogi technician helped me solve my hard drive problem. Not just that, he also helped me create data backup for complete data protection. While interacting with him, I got useful tips to secure my computer from online threats. The only hassle I faced was in understanding his Indian accent. But I was able to sail smoothly. For his courteous help and knowledgeable inputs, I’ll give him 3.5/5… Hope you’re able to help me next time as well.

Daniel Rhythm
22 Oct, 2012

You took care of the problem well… I called up iYogi to get my driver issue fixed. I happened to install a driver update that didn’t match with my computer’s configuration. This caused a lot of issues and made the driver non-functional. The technician replaced the new driver with the old one and made my problem disapper… thanks a ton!

Garrett Cadwalader
19 Oct, 2012

Found iYogi through Google search. I installed a bad virus from the internet, which was killing my productivity. The technician was quick in detecting the problem. He was very friendly and knowledgeable. He not only removed the nasty virus, but also created a backup for all my important data. All was good, but his accent. Nonetheless, I’m happy that he freed my computer from the demon.

Sherry Glenn
18 Oct, 2012

iYogi tech support is awesome! The technician solved my problem by giving me expert advice to install newly bought printer. He was with me over the phone for a very long time. He said he wanted his service to be perfect. And it was. I am really very impressed with the way he handled my case. He was completely professional. Well done, you will get lots of recommendations from me.

Baleigh Batiz
17 Oct, 2012

I faced issues while installing Windows on my Lenovo laptop. The iYogi technician helped me do that and more. He installed a useful utility called Support Dock. It keeps my PC optimized and fixes issues on its own… now I face much less PC problems.. thanks to the iYogi guy…

Belinda Bright, CA
16 Oct, 2012

My daughter used to fix all my computer problems and before she left for Detroit with a job, she subscribed me with iYogi. But I was scared to use tech support service owing to those scams we hear every day. Much to my reluctance, one day I called iYogi for Internet connection problems. The technician appeared so affable, patient and resourceful. He even solved the Internet connection problem within 30 minutes and gave some easy tips to keep up the speed! Now I can rely on at least one tech support entity!

Jeffrey Hooper
15 Oct, 2012

I was a bit frantic about my computer as it had been infected by a bad virus. I decided to look out for remote tech support and got iYogi’s number from a friend. I was attended by a friendly and helpful technician. He carefully listened to my problem and walked me through various subscription plans. Since I was not intending to buy a subscription plan, I chose their single incident plan. The tech resolved my problem. Though is accent was little different, the overall support was good… I appreciate his hardwork!

Adrian Rodriguez
12 Oct, 2012

Nice and courteous… that’s how I’ll describe my experience with iyogi… I have a very limited knowledge of computers… I called iyogi because my system freezed… but the technician solved my problem in 15 minutes… he also detected a potential virus through an online scan and removed it from my system…though it took some time to connect to the support staff, but my remote session went great…

Dan Lupo
11 Oct, 2012

It’s a huge relief to leave out all our company’s IT requirements to iyogis… They have cut down our IT costs by 40%. And they provide fast and courteous service.The techs are very knowledgeable and experts in their fields… The only issue that I faced with them was understanding their technical lingos… but that’s pretty manageable…

Malika Loyd
10 Oct, 2012

My PC suffered a combination of network disconnection and virus problems… before contacting iyogi, I called in 2 other techys, but they couldn’t fix the issue. Each of them took $100… but even after spending $200, my issue was not resolved. But, iyogi guys not only fixed both the issues perfectly, they just charged me $169.99 for one full year support… excellent!

Gerard Perry
9 Oct, 2012

With iyogi, it was my first experience on remote tech support… I’m a house wife and don’t know much about computers… I always relied on local technician whenever I faced any technical issues… but my daughter, who came to know about iyogi from internet insisted to try them… and I must admit that I had a great tech session with their technician… I’ve subscribed to their annual plan.. now tech support for me is just a call away!

Paula Carder
4 Oct, 2012

Iyogi technicians gave me a very prompt response when I called them to backup my data. They also answered all my queries and gave me tips to secure my data from online theft. I cannot thank them more… I just felt that they were forcing me to buy their support dock... Rest all was well… I liked the support session.

Adam Scher
1 Oct, 2012

Looks like there’s no shortcut to great tech support. I often face computer issues – virus problem, security failure, complete system crash down. I always relied on local techies to sort out the issues. But, after getting in touch with iyogi, I realized that I was missing so much. I took their annual subscription plan. Now I don’t have to pay every now and then to get my issues resolved… I just have to call them and they fix it up for me… thank you iyogi for being there everytime…

Fer Delgado
26 Sep, 2012

I agree with Chris. I’ve also used iyogi services and I think they deserve a gold star. Few months back, my Mac crashed. After wasting some 2 weeks calling customer care, I decided to look out for help. I came across iyogi’s name through an alumni network list. Not only were the technicians smart and knowledgeable, they answered all my questions. They fixed my Mac in couple of minutes. Thank you iyogi!

Brad Smith
24 Sep, 2012

I contacted iyogi two years back when my internet connection started giving me troubles….after every 5-10 minutes, it used to get disconnected L. This was killing me as my work was getting hampered.i Still remember the friendly technician who took over my call, he worked on my problem for around 40 minutes and completely fixed it. I was quite impressed with his knowledge and skill sets. since then, whenever I have faced any computer problem, I have called iyogi for help & they have given me perfect technical support for all kinds of computer problems.

19 Sep, 2012

I’m quite impressed with iyogi business model. iYogi techies did a great job. He fixed the blue screen error that made my computer non-functional. I was unable to boot my system as it continuously gave me error messages. Thanks Almighty, I contacted iyogi. The technician helped me by fixing the issue instantly. Though getting through his accent was bit of a problem, but everything fell short in front of the exceptional tech support that he offered. For me, iyogi is the best!

Chris Spillane
18 Sep, 2012

iyogi did wonders in rescuing my data. A few months back, I lost an important file, kept on my computer. I think my son deleted it by mistake. It was not even in the recycle bin. I was almost in tears. I just needed it back. I called up iyogi for assistance. The technician asked me to calm down and told me that he’ll try his best to recover the file back. He explained me the process with all his technical jargons and told me that the file must be in some of the drives. I could not understand a bit of what he said. I just wanted him to get back the file. To my surprise, in a couple of minutes, he recovered my file back. I cannot thank him more. He saved me from being sacked. Thank you iyogi for your support!

Maria barrios
13 Sep, 2012

Last week, while I was trying to install adobe reader on my windows XP system, some messages prompted on my screen. Without paying much attention to what they said, I kept on closing them. Ever since that time, my computer had been acting strangely. It had become dead slow; files took forever to open. Thinking it to be a virus attack, I scanned my system with my antivirus. But it could not detect anything. While searching for the solution to my problem on internet, I came across iyogi. Though I was not sure if this could solve my problem, I still thought of giving it a try. The technician kept transferring the call from one person the other. But since the techies were very polite, I kept on talking to them. They ran a complete system scan and diagnosed that it was a virus attack, which my antivirus was not able to detect. They also optimized my PC and removed all the junk. I must say that though it took a little longer, but my issue was fixed. Thank you iyogi…

12 Sep, 2012

I bought a desktop PC recently. It was working fine for the last couple of days, but one fine day I started receiving pop-ups of a particular e-commerce website. I have not subscribed to the services of any such online retailer, but still they were popping up every time I opened any website. I don't know what to do. I called my son, who lives in Canada. He told me to take help of any online tech support provider. while searching for tech support services, I came to know about iYogi. But, at the same I came across many negative things about their services. I don't know whether to approach them or not. As there was no other option left, I decided to give them a try half-heartedly. Instead of taking iyogi's paid support, I opted for 30-minutes free tech support offered by iyogi. The guy on other side listened patiently to my problem. He then explained what's wrong with my PC. And within no time resolved the problem by removing the adware that had infected my PC. Thanks iyogi.

Shawn E. Branam
11 Sep, 2012

It was long time ago when I took help of iyogi technical support services. You would not believe how surprised I was on experiencing the expertise of iyogi techies. They are really expert in their field. Besides the technical problem faced by me while working on my PC, the other thing that bothered me was their accent. It was very difficult for me to clearly follow each and every step of the technicians. The accent of techies was difficult to understand, however their support is worth every single penny.

10 Sep, 2012

Despite having a limited technical knowledge about computers, I created my home network on my own. Everything was going fine to my knowledge, but one fine day I brought a new printer. I want it to be connected in such a way that print commands can be given to it from any machine in the home network. However, I failed in doing so. Then one friend of mine told me about iYogi's Support Dock desktop application suite. To give it a try, I purchased the Support Dock Home Net Manager suite, which is reasoably priced at $9.99. Within a week, I was satisfied with the service offered by this desktop suite. I am now planning to upgrade to the SD Premium suite to get the maximum benefits of iYogi's services.

7 Sep, 2012

I had windows xp on my Toshiba Satellite and used a disk to upgrade to windows 7. The little icon in the bottom right says not connected to wifi and can't find any networks, but I have wifi and my iPods and phones and other laptops connect to it. It's like it can't find anything. It had some viruses and kinda crashes that's why I had to upgrade it. I googled and searched a lot trying to find a solution to turn wifi on but to no success. I was aware of iyogi company providing technical support… so I contacted them, though with a lot of hold time. The techie listened to my problem… when he replied, I cudn’t hear properly as there was background noise. The techie helped me thru chat as well. I am now able to connect to my wifi using Toshiba.

Kaitlyn Marie
6 Sep, 2012

I accessed iyogi technical support services quite a while back and believe the guys are really professional and have ample of knowledge. Apart from my computer problem, the only hurdle I face is with the accent of the experts. Sometimes it gets hard to understand what they are saying but otherwise their support is worth getting.

Samantha Clark
3 September, 2012

iYogi guys did wonder in rescuing my data! I got continuous virus alerts and some of my documents and images got already corrupted. Thank god, I contacted iYogi and a technician helped me clear malware problems and recovered my data. Not only that, they helped me with data backup. Kudos to iYogi team of experts!

Loren Ridinger
30 August, 2012

I am using Norton antivirus by Symantec on my laptop. Everytime I run its Live Update, it gives me a disk space error. I cleaned off some of my unused files. Even after that I was getting the same error. I then got my hard disk space increased from the existing 80gb to 120gb. I was amazed to see the same error even after that. It was really horrible. I had no clue on how to resolve this issue. I searched for a possible help on the internet and got the name of this iyogi. It was hard to get to their support staff with long waiting time. I narrated all my experience to that techie. She was slow to react to my anger but was persistent in her efforts. In the end, she managed to solve my Live Update issue. I am satisfied.

Cindee Caputo
28 August, 2012

I'm not the most tech savvy human being. Still, I tried installing my android to my home wi-fi connection. I had purchased the Cisco router since 2011, so it is not very old also. The WEP security on the router detects it, but stops after a while of "obtaining IP address". One of my friends got the iyogi subscription plan. He referred their name to me. The techie at the other end was using heavy tech jargon which I couldn’t understand. I was surprised with the knowledge of that girl. Upon my request, she explained me in simple language. I was able to setup my wi-fi internet connection on my android.

Diane Gonzales
27 August, 2012

I installed bling for use of language translation but did not realise what it was in its entirety. I have the bling tool bar on show despite removing bling via "Add/remove" program. Since removing bling, pages were not loading saved-in bookmarks and email page etc was taking a long time to load. I was in a total mess and utter confusion. One day I got to see a hoarding by a company called iyogi. It was something related to their kill slow movement. I contacted them. The guy on the other side started asking technical questions about my computer which irritated me. I told him that I am not competent in PC language, phrases and abbreviation. He then communicated to me in a layman language and resolved my issue.

Carla Hartsell
24 August, 2012

I am using dell inspiron 15r. Everything was running very good a few days back. I was able to access internet but suddenly i was not able to get access.... i mean i was getting wifi signal perfectly fine but it was showing no internet access. I checked it with a wired connection it was working properly. I know it was not the mistake of my modem. I searched for help on internet and got this name-iyogi. Their techie had a difficult accent but I managed somehow. My problem was solved but i think that guy needs to be trained more.

22 August, 2012

I am using a Zyxel router with a Trendnet switch. I wanted to access the internet downstairs. Although I purchased an additional wireless router that can act as a repeater I was unable to configure it properly. I called a local tech guy for the resolution but he was demanding a hefty price for my issue. I dropped seeking his support and instead searched on the google. I came across this website called iyogi and got in touch with them to inquire about their price. I must say the troubleshooting support that I got from those techies is worth their price. I recommend iyogi to my friends.

Donald Kimrey
21 August, 2012

I just started using Skype to communicate with my business clients. It was an embarrassing moment for me on that day when all of a sudden my Skype was unable to respond leading to system hang and I was unable to complete my client call. One of my friends then suggested me to always keep remote tech support handy and iYogi’s name came on top. I immediately subscribed to their 3-year annual plan. I am confident that my IT infrastructure is in the right hands.

Calvert, Sacramento
16 August, 2012

Since I am a DJ, I often download songs from various websites. Also I have different software installed on my machine. Lately, somehow I installed a bogus software that made my laptop weird. Without wasting time, I called iYogi Experts. I trust them since my friend also availed their services once upon a time and he was pretty satisfied. Likewise, I liked the way they worked on laptop and fixed the issue. You are genuine.

13 August, 2012

As per my encounter with iYogi Experts, I have observed that they are pretty accurate and can resolve any kind of technical problem. iYogi Technicians helped me upgrade the Windows operating system on my laptop, adequately. They made sure that the data stored on my laptop stays intact while the upgrading process. And for this, I am thankful to them.

Alice, Miami
7 August, 2012

Whenever I face any kind of technical problem on my PC, I directly call iYogi Experts, as they are quite professional and put in their best effort to resolve the problem. But lately, when I called them to discuss about the problem I was facing on my PC, their response was quite slow. It took more time than usual to resolve my PC’s issue.

3 August, 2012

I approached iYogi Experts after my laptop was showing slow memory error messages. Despite having enough memory space on my laptop, these pop-ups were irritating. I checked once, twice, thrice and then I gave up and dialed iYogi toll free number. And iYogi Technicians instantly diagnosed my laptop’s memory and diagnosed the reason behind those false memory low error messages.

Luanne, Newport
30 July, 2012

iYogi Experts hold great expertise and can resolve any kind of printer error easily. iYogi Technicians remotely resolved my printer’s error merely in a few simple steps. I am grateful to them; they helped me take printouts for my college project on time. You helped me get good grade, as I submitted my project before the deadline. Thanks!

Larry Ashley, Florida
04 July, 2012

I experienced several errors while browsing the Internet. I suspected it to be a virus attack and needed immediate help. After my bit of research, I decided to call iYogi. My problems were solved beyond my expectations! The technician took care of almost everything. Impressive. You did a great job. Thanks, wonderful experience, keep up the way you are.

Kathy Campbell
26 June, 2012

The first time I called up iYogi Technicians was when my PC was getting overheating on a frequently basis. The technicians efficiently resolved the issue and also informed me about Green PC. Now I have followed their tips and am able to save a lot of energy while using my laptop. Now, whenever I feel any issue with my PC, I simply call them. The best part is that they are available round the clock.

Bruce, Tucson
6 June, 2012

iYogi video solutions are easy to follow and really helpful. Personally my experience with iYogi video solutions is simply awesome. Just by watching a video, I was able to resolve the problem on my PC. The best part is, I could easily browse through wide-ranging video solutions, category-wise. It was quite straightforward and direct. It saved my precious time. Thanks iYogi.

Silvia, San Jose
31 May, 2012

Since I have taken technical support services provided by iYogi technicians my computer is running at good speed. Whenever I face even a minor technical error on my computer, I straightaway call at iYogi toll free number. The best part is that they give 2

Eason, Chicago
25 May, 2012

iYogi experts efficiently optimized my PC and enhanced its performance. The support provided by the technicians was really helpful for me, as now I am able to accomplish my computing activities with ease. Whether I am browsing the Internet , playing games, or working on Microsoft Excel, I just really enjoy doing anything on my computer.

Alicia Rhine
7 May, 2012

When I was deciding to go for remote support, my friends were dead against it. They are unreliable and don’t deliver on the promises they make, they (my friends) warned me. But I followed my instincts and ended up with iyogi. The rest as they say is history. Thank guys.

Santos Rivera
13 April, 2012

It was only last week that I had a system check up done by one of your technicians and it was fun as usual. My PC was working fine, but since it was almost three months I last had a check-up, I wanted to be sure that everything was fine. And it actually was, excluding a few small incidents. At the end of the session I filled the evaluation form and couldn’t help but smile. The technician today was such a cool dude, he even gave me a few details about his day-to-day life and we ended up having a small talk. And, he did remember to complete the optimization and troubleshooting process with time to spare. I feel so happy.

Rob Hafermann, Phoenix
15 March, 2012

There was a time when mounting IT costs was almost running down my small business. Even after trying different ways to rein down on costs, it was not until I came across i yogi and my business started to look up. I can’t thank these people enough!

Roger, Dearborn
30 August, 2011

I was well aware of the impact that machines were having on the environment and wanted my systems to contribute less to the environment. Through iYogi review I learnt how to conserve energy so that my firm could do its bit for the environment.

Carol, Detroit
26 August, 2011

I wanted to improve the overall health of my IT infrastructure so that my firm would post profits and also for a robust infrastructure. I found iYogi review a great help and found my profits heading north and my firm began doing really well.

Madden, San Remo
22 August, 2011

As the managing director of a firm, I have to ensure my IT infrastructure and assets are top of the mark, and to keep production flowing smoothly. iYogi review gave me help to manage my IT services infrastructure through the use of advanced technologies.

Peter M, Lincoln
19 August, 2011

I run a small business and wish to save on financial and energy resources at the same time by making optimum use of my materials. I was looking for a solution when I came upon iYogi reviews where I learnt how to manage my business infrastructure while being environment friendly at the same time.

John Garfield, New York City
16 August, 2011

As a businessman running my own business, I was stuck with a printer that was printing light, smudgy documents. It was impossible to make out what was on the sheet of paper, which is very bad for business. This happens when the printer is running dry of ink. iYogi review helped me with resolving this issue and my business picked up again.

Troy, Cincinnati
12 August, 2011

I own a small business and wish to maximize my existing resources to obtain profit for my firm. It was only after I read iYogi reviews that I learnt how to decrease my costs and increase my operational efficiency. iYogi reviews provides information on how to manage your services to stay one step ahead of other businesses.

Trish, NY
22 December, 2011

Getting comprehensive tech support is not the easiest thing around. I manage a small firm and, let me tell you, the number and variety of tech issues you come across is staggering. For me and my team, having an in-house technician was not an ideal situation and so was calling a technician every time we had an issue; it was dame costly. One of my team members then suggested iYogi which was an up-and-coming service provider at that time. We were not very sure where we were headed, but we are now. It is two years now and there is no slowing down, both for iYogi and my team. We are getting unlimited support the entire year and at a very reasonable price. To add to the good things, iyogi has even launched the iyogi complaints form, a very positive initiative. If I was not sure earlier, I am now that we are in very safe hands!

22 December, 2011

iYogi has been my companion through thick and thin and my constant pillar of support. The only memories I have about them are that they are a great teach company, compassionate and understanding. I don’t buy it when someone tries to run them down without proper reasoning, for everyone of us has his share of weaknesses. It also has its fair share, but there are more positives. I have just checked out their latest iYogi complaints form. It is for customers like you and me. Hurray!

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I am delighted with the service Support Dock powered by iYogi has given me. The PC is working perfectly now. This Application is surely a one stop solution for day to day PC problems.
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