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Improve the speed of your computer by optimizing Windows® using Support Dock℠ utilities.


Generally a PC requires maintenance to ensure peak performance. You may want to optimize the computer's performance, but do not know how to start the exact procedure. PC optimization is mainly associated to clearing the cache, performing Windows update, removing unnecessary programs and so on.

Support Dock has its own PC optimizing tool which can check for cache and inform you about various types of suspicious files. You can remove them at one click to get optimized speed from your PC.

Get optimized performance out of your PC by resolving registry errors with registry repair options in Support Dock.


  • Uninstall components from Windows
  • Delete left over icons from PC
  • Detect and remove spyware

Support Dock's Smart PC Care and PC Support utilities can be used for optimization of system resources.

Uninstall components from Windows

You can really increase the speed of your PC by uninstalling unknown components from Windows which are of no use. To execute this task, you can open Support Dock and then execute Uninstall Manager from the PC Support utility to completely uninstall the extra components.

Delete left over icons from PC

The time you uninstall a particular application from your PC or even install a new software, it creates new icons. This can really consume a lot of memory of your PC. You must optimize the performance of your PC by usign Support Dock features to scan for leftover icons and delete them. This would allow you to boot your computer at much faster rate.

Detect and remove spyware

Support Dock can help you to diagnose and repair spyware or malware on a computer. Use the System Protector feature from the Smart PC Care utility of Support Dock to protect your precious data. Moreover, you can get to know the status of viruses and other malicious content through Smart PC Care which would verify the status of antivirus software.

Optimize the speed and performance of your PC after installing and configuring Support Dock. PC Optimizer version of Support Dock is available for $9.99.


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