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Blue Screen Error on Desktops

Faced with blue screen error? A few tips to resolve the issue

Sometimes users have reported a problem with their PC not starting properly, instead a blue desktop screen appears with no icons, no cursor or start-up buttons. The problem is usually caused by a virus attack. These could be also caused by some errors that might have occurred in the registry files. Blue screen can also appear if the user has unknowingly deleted some important system files. The error can be rectified by following certain procedures.

Following details mentioned below will give more information on how to solve this problem

  • System Restore
  • Registry Fix
  • Malware Removal Tool
  • Reinstalling of OS

System Restore

Computers running on Microsoft® OS platforms have a feature known as System Restore. This feature allows users to undo any harmful changes to the configuration of the PC that may have occurred unknowingly. This helps the system recover from instability and restore the computer to previous working state.

Registry Fix

Sometimes the blue screen on the PC may have been caused by the errors in registry. These may be fixed manually or by using special registry cleaning software that are available for free download on the internet.

Malware Removal Tool

Blue desktop screen could be caused by malwares like Trojans that infects the user’s PC. Malwares replace original system files that are necessary for the proper functioning of the computer. Using a malware removal tool will help remove the blue screen and getting the computer back to proper working condition.

Reinstalling of OS

In certain cases it is found that the Operating System files may be damaged beyond repair by malware or the files may have been permanently deleted. In such cases it is recommended that the OS be reinstalled to solve the Blue Screen Desktop problem.

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