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Fix Laptop Freezing

The laptop is a necessity in everyday life and must be maintained well, to be trouble free. What is the laptop freezing?

A laptop freezing is a common occurrence and it is faced by all the users. Many a time it happens that while working on the laptop the mouse arrow sticks at a point and doesn’t move. The laptop also doesn’t respond to any commands. This is a common example of the laptop freezing. To fix laptop freezing first of all the reason of this problem is to be understood. There are many reasons for this phenomenon to take place. Study of these reasons of laptop freezing enlightens one to the necessary steps of prevention and thus laptop freezing can be averted.

Some of the interesting topics regarding fixing the laptop freezing are:

  • What causes the laptop freezing?
  • What must be done to prevent the laptop freezing?
  • What are the steps to fix the frozen laptop?

What causes the laptop freezing?

There are a number of reasons for the laptop to crash or freeze. Electro static discharge is a reason that is overlooked by many but it is a critical reason never the less. Electrostatic discharges affect the chips in a laptop and failing chips raises many intermittent problems in the laptop. Memory fragmentation and improper CMOS connections also leads to frequent laptop freeze. If any software running on the laptop or the operating system of the laptop has bugs inside, it can raise the probability of a laptop freeze. A faulty hardware or a hardware which is a mismatch with the laptop can also cause the laptop freezing. While installing hardware, drivers are installed. These drivers are software that becomes part of the operating system. It is critical to ensure that proper drivers are installed to reduce the threat of laptop freezing.

What must be done to prevent the laptop freezing?

Everything that is possible is done to minimize the risk of laptop freezing. However, the user must remember a few points to tackle laptop freezing. A laptop must be properly guarded from electrostatic discharge during use and service. The memory fragmentation should be reduced and the CMOS setting should be proper. Care should be taken to install software on the laptop without bugs. Also regular maintenance should be carried out to identify a hardware generating fault. Drivers or new hardware must be checked before installing with the laptop to match compatibility. This small steps can lead a long way to fix laptop freezing.

What are the steps to fix the frozen laptop?

The first step to fix a frozen laptop is to reboot it. Once the window reboots in safe mode check whether the freeze was due to a new software installed. If that is the case then remove the program and reboot the computer. Otherwise once the computer reboots open the Internet explorer® and download a registry cleaner. Once the Windows® registry cleaner is installed initiate registry scan. After the scanning and cleaning of the registry is done by the registry cleaner reboot the computer in normal mode.

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