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Slow Laptop Internet

Internet is one of the global information systems. Each user has unique Internet connection and there are many factors that are responsible for slow Internet speed on Laptop. One of the main causes of slow Internet speed on Laptop may be too many phones using the single line to which Laptop is connected. Users experiencing slow Internet speed on their Laptops simply need to optimize their Laptop and Modem settings. Many Laptops differ in their configuration so optimizing them manually is usually long trial and error activity. Web accelerator software available on Internet can auto-optimize settings of Laptop and provide faster Internet surfing by using their built-in accelerator routines. There are number of methods by which user can speed up Internet connectivity. Some of the suggestions for improving speed of Internet on Laptop are:

  • Internet Speed Test
  • Web-browser Add-ons Management
  • Laptop Optimization

Internet Speed Test

This is the very first step that will ensure whether user is getting the Internet speed for what he/she is paying to the ISP i.e. Internet Service Provider. Make sure that the same speed is programmed in ISP’s network also. Internet speed can be tested by going to any of the testing sites. Keep record of the results. Internet speed problems are also caused by low quality of line, so the line must be checked for any bad extraneous factors. Surfing the Internet plays an important part in most of user’s life. Laptops users must not fight with slow Internet speed as it will cause inconvenience. So Internet speed must be checked from time to time.

Web-browser Add-ons Management

Over time, Internet speed slows down because of too much Internet Explorer® plug-ins installed on the Laptop. The plug-in is loaded on Laptop automatically when user opens Internet Explorer® and surf the Internet by visiting any website. So it is recommended to disable web-browser Add-ons that is not used as it slows down the Internet Speed. Find out enabled Add-ons by visiting Tools Menu and selecting tab of Manage Add-ons. User is advised to disable the ones that are not required any more. Some optimization tools are also available that speeds up the Internet and clean Internet Explorer® plug-ins that are unused.

Laptop Optimization

This is another important option to improve the speed of Internet on Laptop. User must run anti-virus, adware, spyware and malware scans. If any of this is present on the Laptop then the speed of Internet is badly affected. User must also run Disk Cleanup and Disk Defragmenter from System Tools menu. Internet Service Provider can be consulted to ensure the proper configuration of modem. It is recommended to install TCP Optimizer software that optimizes Laptop MTU i.e. Maximum Transmission Unit values and registry keys that are related to broadband.

User can retest the Internet connection speed by visiting any of the Internet Speed testing websites.

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