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iYogi Customer Reviews

Computers are complex machines and prone to virus attacks, crashing and a host of other problems. To keep your system safe from such issues, you must install some sort of protective software that not only keeps all matter of harmful material at bay but also enhances your system's performance. Support Dock is one such feature. This can perform a number of crucial functions, such as backing up your files, keeping all sorts of viruses and spyware at bay, efficiently juggling your home network and even helping you get back lost data.

iYogi reviews various aspects of Support Dock for the benefit of its customers. One of the best features of Support Dock is cleaning of the registry. This basically cleans up all the clutter in your PC, leaving in its wake a fast and error-free system. You will also get a lot of free memory. Support Dock also helps you save energy and money by letting energy saving settings operate on your PC. With the PC optimization feature, you can scan your computer for any signs of trouble and also keep getting reports about your system's health from time to time. Support Dock also keeps your system safe by not allowing outsiders access to your network.

All in all, the Support Dock concept by iYogi is a comprehensive desktop application suite that lets your PC stay in great shape, no matter in what manner it's used!

I want to test the system as I use it to be sure all is well.  The tech was very helpful.

By : Joanne, United States


It took a very long time to figure out how to accomplish what I needed, however Sean Matthew was very helpful and patient and tried his best to help me.

By : Tricia Krotje, United States


Excellent knowledge of technicians.

By : Daneshaw, United States


You were able to fix problem in a short time

By : Den, United States


Although expensive... very glad my computer is Ok and Kamran was supper nice

By : Jeff, United States


It has taken some time to finalise, but the help I have been given has been very good.

By : Lilias, United States


I'm hoping this will help clean my computer it sure seems like Pradeep new what he was doing… I gave a 10 to most of the question hopefully my computer will be work better I have great faith in Pradeep

By : Joan schultz, United States


Was affordable and easy… so far..... I have no qualms

By : Justin Harrington, United States


Very efficient and knows what he is doing… I have always had very good technicians to help me and also very polite

By :Jean Rosales, United States


tech very compitent and knowledgable. very patient and understanding.fixed issue at hand… keep doing the same and that will be great.

By :Karen Steinerger, United States


your man was very good

By :James Falk, United States


Your people are very professional and know what they are doing… I am quite satisfied…

By :Micheko Hammer, United States


got the job done

By :Doris Setters, United States


Both techs were helpful and knowledgeable… it was very helpful to use the instant message function.

By :linda hutton, United States


good… He was hard to understand

By :Dana William, United States


got everything working

By :Donald Brown, United States


your people have worked hard to correct my problems

By :Gwen Helmey, United States


All items needing attention were completed. The tech was very pleasent and knowledgeable and at the same time did not make me feel stupid.. like some people can do… Continue to offer the services you do and the employ tge type of tech that worked woith me and that took the time to explain and do all things required even though it toom a lot of time.

By :Rosemary Gentry, United States


very polite and efficient

By :Ed Lusby, United States


Session was professional and right to the point… I don't know how it could get any better. You are all doing an excellent job.

By :james conlon, United States


I like it because you can take control of the computer and I don't have to mess with it

By :Lisa Cillingsley, United States


It only took a couple of minutes for iYogi to install the doc and carbonite backup system

By :Linda Sutton, United States


It seems right now that the problem is corrected

By :David DeSio, United States


my computer has been cleaned up

By :shirlene church, United States


I could nevre have done this and it was very staight forward… come to my home. So far my expectations have been fully met

By :Elizabeth Myers, United States


kind polite and very capable… you are very good at what you do

By :Barbara Irwin, United States


The tech person was very knowledgeable and explained everything very clearly

By :jackie golvman, United States


Excellent support!

By :Sunya Folayan, United States


he was helpful… it was perfect

By :Carlton Merritt, United States


you knew what you were doing and never lost control

By :John gowan, United States


it's good now

By :Irene Murphy, United States


It was handled very professionally

By :Patrick Varre, United States


he was excellent… it's very good now

By :Alvin Conner, United States


clear instructions and friendly service

By :Marie Coon, United States


everyone was not only professional, but courteous and understanding

By :shirley catsavas, United States


Ease of use & hopefully I will enjoy improved performance after today

By :paul coady, United States


they fixed what was wrong

By :Robert Swain, United States


I had 3 computers that were needing to be evaluated and fixed and Abhishek Dabas and Rajesh Gupta were excellent in getting the job done. I was impressed with Abhishek during our phone conversations when he was explaining things and answering my questions… I really don't know how you can make it better. Never fire the great guys who helped me because I know from the job they did on my computers they will be equally helpful to others.

By :vicky tillman, United States


Problems were solved efficiently and in less time than quoted… I think the services are great as they are.

By :Nicole Canavan, United States


They did everything for me… Advertise that you are out there more, to reach more people.

By :Lori Speinmetz, United States


I have to wait for awhile to determine whether all of my problems were solved, but it looks as though they are. I am satisfied…

By :Marybeth lipp, United States


bgeelanjali and vinsd were superior in their kindness and their patience with my problems… I can't imagine it being better. The best I have had in computer problems since I started with CMOS

By :Meredith Whaley, United States


great service

By :Ralph Peiler, United States


Great Job

By :brian low, United States


very professonal…

By :Danny Eastep, United States


fast and efficient… its good now

By :Charles Eifert, United States


Techs were very responsive to my needs

By :Charles Kalus, United States


great communication

By :monica hicks, United States


very polite and courtious personnel that have helped me

By :Joe Hoover, United States


I have NEVER been so satisfied with my computer assistance in my 30 years in the business. I could never have done all that was done as I am not trained in computer knowledge. My computer was at a complete standstill today with NO HOPE of it being fixed by me or ANYONE locally, and IYOGI appeared thru the new antivirus I bought today and fixed everything! Talk about RIGHT ON TIME!!!! Man, I am going to tell everyone about how bad they need IYOGI... :-)

By :john story, United States


They seem to know exactly what they were doing

By :Kim Ramsamooj, United States


Very proficient and very easy to "chat" with. Both Vikash and Amit were very professional

By :Barry Shapiro, United States


the service that was given to me was very prompt and to the point

By :Nancy Branstepper, United States


The first individual I spoke with was very customer oriented and easy to understand. Did not speak to the second one just by remote but also very pleased so far. There is more support that needs to be done but he gave me all the information I need to get the help

By :Tricia Cordell, United States


the tech was very fast, appeared to know just what he was doing and did it

By :Bruce Quier, United States


excellent professional performance

By :Ronald kappel, United States


the people i worked with were great!

By :Ralph Rogers, United States


they were vey understanding and patient with me… you were wonderful

By :robin gibson, United States


Technicion was very knowagable, efficiant and easy to work with

By :William Ferguson, United States


very polite, knowledgable

By :jan jenkins, United States


Very knowledgeable and helpful

By :Connie Lill, United States


Resolved my problem

By :Radmil Smojver, United States


He took care of everything and showed me what he was doing via the arrow and text

By :Tammy steinman, United States



By :Alexey Goutnik, United States


very helpful

By :Bernadette Forde, United States


nice to deal with, efficient

By :Herb Horil, United States


Outstanding service… I'm very satisfied.

By :Robert Kimbel, United States


The technician was very good… keep the tech, give a raise and let him train others

By :Milan Georgia, United States


very effective

By :Ralph Snyder, United States


Always available and able to help immediately

By :Susan Sheridan, United States


Prompt and courteous service… Can't be more pleased

By :Patricia Gentzel, United States


Everything was handled relatively quickly on this computer but when we switched over to another computer to install iYog there were some issues tht took a while to reslove. However on the positive side they did get resolved

By :Robert Langhorst, United States


knew problem fixed it as quik as could

By :James Kent, United States


As I was watching the techs remotely operate my computer; they were fast and being in electronics, it wasn't their 1st time

By :Thomas Hobart, United States


Very informative and friendly and he/they solved my problems and more… keep up the good support

By :Paul Erickson, United States


My words don't come loosely computers now a day are harder and harder to work but you hire the best, train the smnartest and that is why I am a old stedy customer… you can't your batting 100%

By :sindy janow, United States


computer seens to be working fine… no suggestions

By :betty emry, United States


very kind and patient staff…

By :Maureen Bosse, United States


The tech support was very helpful…

By :Gwyneth Basfon, United States


polite technician, imediate survice and continue support for 12 months

By :Elvin Betler, United States


The technician fixed a carbonite download problem that has existed for three sessions that prior could not be fixed because of a expired subscription note… You already have all the talent and professionalism that is needed to have met my need. Thank you and Good Karma!

By :archie cavanaugh, United States


tech was good

By :Richard Carlson, United States


it was painless and easy and it intertained my nephew…

By :Catherine Massop, United States


Both Tech's were patient, friendly and most helpful especially in spite of long delays due the slowness of my High Speed Connection… The services provided today were great as they were given.

By :Patricia Gause, United States


ankit found out what needed to be done to fix the problem.an iyogi updated server… do not ever let go ankit guptal 756

By :Carlos Cruz, United States


It was quck…

By :Valarie Brown, United States


In the end guarav.saxena knew what to do and got the job done in a timely manner… Basically, I had always had great service from iyogi.

By :Ann hollander, United States


very good…

By :Elizabeth Hart, United States


I didnt have to do anything…

By :Anthony Scuka, United States


both ashdeep and varun were patient and professional…

By :thomas gallagher, United States


i was very satisfied with my service… keep the way it is

By :april clark, United States


great service and problem have been fixed … I dunno. It was great so i don't see how it can be better

By :Kiara Woodmansee, United States


so happy to get my printer to work with my laptop…

By :rebecca hubbard, United States


your tec support team,are well mannard and very knowledgabley… There is not anything you cam coul gi

By :Joseth Ohanlon, United States


Identified the problem (virus) and eliminated it and optimized my computer.

By :Cheryl Pease, United States


He was very helpful and stayed with me until the system was corrected.

By :velva murray, United States


Poojah was knowledgeable, quick and thorough. She was also pleasant yet totally professional… I have absolutely no complaints.

By :Robert Gouldman, United States


he was very helpful to a person who doesn't know that much of what was going on to fix this problem…

By :Peggy blalock, United States


The personnel was very responsive to my questions and patient with my questions

By :Nancy Brinkwart, United States


very helpful

By :David Najor, United States

Support Dock
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Software.Informer Editor's pick award

I am delighted with the service Support Dock powered by iYogi has given me. The PC is working perfectly now. This Application is surely a one stop solution for day to day PC problems.
Thomas Foskaris
Nevada-United States